The most important asset at every company we invest in is its people. We spend considerable resources to ensure our portfolio companies are great places to work.

Alignment and transparency are key to any relationship. Partnership means winning together and making tough decisions together, always in an open and honest way.

Share the wealth. There is no better feeling than when a transaction comes to fruition and the management team that really made it happen benefits from a life-changing financial reward.

Always look to harvest when the skies are blue. Waiting for an even better day entails risk and uncertainty.

When faced with a challenging business decision, choose the more correctable mistake. There’s never a difficult call we make where we don’t visit this principle.

Diversity is an asset, and one we seek in all aspects of what we do. A diverse set of opinions, perspectives, and experiences results in the best outcome.

Never overlook or take for granted the people behind the capital we manage. Our success benefits charitable organizations and endowments as well as pension holders of all types – teachers, first responders, and city and state employees.

Never use all the debt that is available. Our returns are driven by growth, investing in people, and making solid strategic decisions – not by financial engineering.

NMS’s most important assets are our people, our capital, and our reputation. If any of these are lost, the last is the most difficult to regain.